Threaded Wire Inserts

    Threaded Wire Inserts

    Heli-Coil® Tangless Screw Thread Inserts

    A tangless helical insert deploys a drive notch within the coil that acts as the grip and therefore no tang removal is needed, reducing the installation process by one step. 

    Tangless Wire Insert

    Heli-Coil® Tanged Screw Thread Inserts

    Tanged inserts extend the coil wire end across the entire radius of the insert, creating a grip point that enables a snug fit. After installation, the tang must be removed.

    Tanged Wire Insert

    Heli-Coil® 8-Pitch Screw Thread Inserts

    Heli-Coil 8-Pitch inserts are a unique series of screw thread inserts designed for 8-pitch threaded holes. Compared with other methods, thread repair with Heli-Coil 8-Pitch inserts is fast and economical, providing better-than-original threads and saving expensive parts with a minimum of downtime.

    8 Pitch Wire Insert

    Heli-Coil® Oversize™ & Twinsert® Screw Thread Inserts

    Two types of Heli-Coil thread repair kits are available for correcting tapping errors to STI and standard tapped holes. Oversize inserts and Twinserts allow use of the original bolt size after the repair has been made.

    Oversize Twinsert Wire Inserts

    Heli-Coil® Pipe Thread Inserts

    Before installation, the pipe thread insert is larger in diameter than the tapped hole. When installed, it assumes the configuration of the tapped hole, whether NPT, ANPT, or NPSC. The outward forces resulting from the reduction of the free diameter anchors the insert permanently in place.

    Pipe Threaded Wire Insert

    Heli-Coil® Primer Free® Coated Inserts

    Primer-Free® inserts are designed for use in applications where galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals is a concern. The proprietary Primer Free® coating not only protects the base material and provides excellent lubricity, but more importantly, eliminates the need for liquid chromate primers. With Primer-Free® coated inserts, the inserts are always evenly coated, providing more accurate bolt torques. When utilizing Primer-Free® inserts, installation time is reduced significantly and total in-place cost is decreased dramatically.

    Primer Free Coated Inserts

    Heli-Coil® Self-Tapping Screw Thread Inserts for Wood

    The Heli-Coil self-tapping insert is a helically wound coil of carbon steel wire, precision-formed to a diamond-shaped cross section. The outside of the coil has knife-like threads that tap themselves in to give maximum penetration into the wood fibers yet leave thick sections of wood between the threads for maximum strength.

    Wood Wire Insert

    Heli-Coil® Spark Plug Screw Thread Inserts

    Designed and manufactured by Heli-Coil to provide specific and unique benefits to high-temperature, high-performance spark plug applications.

    Spark Plug Wire Inserts
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