Elevate your expectations and much more with motion hardware designed to exceed conventional standards. The Accuride AL4190 Tilt-Track system is a solution designed to optimize over-the-shoulder storage and beyond. Increasing accessibility and visibility, this innovative system enables the effortless retrieval of stored items in working settings, from vehicle supply storage to warehouses and garages.

HTF is excited to highlight the Accuride Tilt-Track systems and all its benefits. 

How it Works

Model AL4190 streamlines access to drawers and trays positioned at shoulder level and above through its advanced Tilt Track System. Utilizing wheels and rollers, the system seamlessly extends the drawer while an aluminum channel guides its rear upward, tilting the drawer downward for effortless viewing and access to its contents.


A Tilt-Track system has extensive applications across sectors and industries. Some great uses for it include:

  • Optimizing supply and equipment storage in emergency vehicles
  • Inventory management in warehouses and manufacturing facilities
  • Enhancing display functionality in retail environments
  • Making efficient storage units in fast-paced settings like commercial kitchens and medical facilities
  • Organizing tools and accessories in garages

These are just some of the settings where Accuride's AL4190 is in its element. But even if one of those examples doesn't directly encompass your industry's needs, know that a Tilt-Track is good for anywhere you need to have quick, fluid access to stowed items - something most people will benefit from at some point in their jobs.

Accuride presents a diverse range of motion hardware, all built to a high standard. A Tilt-Track is both safe and functional for many occupational uses with its robust hold-in detents, secure locking mechanisms, and slides engineered without a disconnect method, ensuring safe and steadfast access to stored items.

In some working settings, moisture is a crucial consideration. Fortunately, the aluminum track design of this Tilt-Track is crafted to be rust and corrosion-resistant.

Features & Benefits

Sliding platforms or trays serve a dual purpose, enabling equipment and machinery transportation while extending to facilitate on-site utilization. Additional stored items may encompass batteries, generators, and communication and diagnostic devices.

Equipped with a heavy-duty self-closing function, this light-duty slide engages approximately 1½ inches before closure, ensuring drawers are fully and securely shut. Enhanced with a robust detent, opening drawers necessitates a force of 17–19 pounds, effectively resisting rollout during vehicle transit.

In scenarios where drawers and shelves are positioned above shoulder level, the tilt track system extends and tilts downward, facilitating effortless viewing and access. This product and all ¾" side space slides can be coupled with the CB-Hand Locking Handle Kit to incorporate lock-in and lock-out functionalities.

HTF & Accuride

HTF is pleased to offer motion systems like the Tilt-Track and more from Accuride.

Our dedicated team of experts and tenured sales team is committed to customer satisfaction. You'll receive assistance making the best purchase for your application needs. Additionally, HTF offers the convenience of same-day shipping from a centralized location for orders placed by 3 PM Eastern time, ensuring prompt delivery of motion hardware and just about any other equipment to get the job done.

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