HTF offers premier services, including customized kitting, bin stocking, and labeling. Another essential service provided to customers is same-day shipping on orders placed by 3:00 PM Eastern time. Let’s highlight another valuable feature, our premier scheduled ordering or flex scheduling service, and how it can improve your business’s reliability.

What Is Flex Scheduling?

Flex scheduling guarantees available stock monthly or flexibly and includes volume discounts. The premier scheduled order helps ensure that the parts you need are always available and arrive in the amounts and intervals that best suit your needs. Flex scheduling makes your business more reliable because the components are always on hand, which means fewer delays in moving products out the door.

How Does Flex Scheduling Make My Business More Reliable?

HTF’s flex scheduling service leads to four main improvements in reliability for your business, including inventory management, improved planning, helping to maintain stock levels, and increasing efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at each improvement.

Inventory Management

By utilizing flex scheduling for inventory management, our clients can be more reliable for their customers. Knowing the intervals and amount of parts for a project means that from start to finish, it will stay on target. HTF can get the product you need and provide certifications for all inventory at the right price. The expert team at HTF will even help find alternatives and substitutes for parts when required. 

Improved Planning

HTF will create a schedule plan to ensure your business gets the components on time every time. We take into consideration the lead time, suppliers, inventory demand, and external factors, such as the economy, to guarantee that the schedule is fit for your needs. We can adjust the delivery schedule or even cancel when something changes.

Helps Maintain Stock Levels

For over 30 years, HTF has partnered with leading fastener and component manufacturers. With scheduled ordering, HTF can help your business easily align to meet inventory demand by leveraging those relationships to meet your business’s inventory needs.

Increased Efficiency

At HTF, we believe in going above and beyond to serve our customers; by doing so, we can help you increase efficiency within your business. Flex scheduling allows you to spend more time focusing on your business and less time on calls, payments, invoices, and other administrative tasks.

Meet Inventory Demand With HTF

Flex scheduling guarantees your business gets the attention and service it deserves and is among the many premier services offered by HTF. These include Same-day shipping, bin stocking programs, kitting, and custom labeling. Reach out to request a quote today; HTF is here to help!

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