Keylocking threaded inserts are often used to repair worn-out and damaged threads. They are also ideal for installing softer materials such as aluminum and magnesium to strengthen holding power in original equipment. Keylocking threaded inserts are a no-hassle way to drive the keys down into the threads of the base material, locking the insert in place.

Founded in 1914, Acme Industrial Company is a trusted leader in the manufacturing of thread repair products. They published their first catalog of products in 1921, and in 1927 experienced severe damage to their production facility due to a fire in Chicago. Acme proved its commitment to quality through the lean years of the Great Depression and the war effort in the 1940s. Their growth as a company continued until 1988, when they began manufacturing keylocking threaded inserts. In 2001 Acme Industrial Company purchased their oldest competitor, Economy Bushing Company, out of Milwaukee, Wis. By 2005, Acme Industrial Company was producing military- and aerospace-grade keylocking threaded inserts.

HTF is pleased to be partnering with Acme Industrial Company, adding keylocking threaded inserts to its extensive inventory available to ship anywhere quickly. HTF is proud of its partnerships with manufacturers of high-quality materials and is thrilled to highlight Acme keylocking threaded inserts and their benefits.

Acme Industrial Company produces keylocking threaded inserts in miniature, lightweight, heavy-duty, and extra-heavy-duty threaded insert types with non-locking and self-locking internal threads. These inserts are easy to install and require no special drills, taps, or pre-winder tools. The keys provided with the inserts in sets of two or four are driven down into the threads of the surrounding base material, locking the insert in place. The MS inserts come in a full range of both metric and inch sizes. With the benefit of being used in many different materials and the keys which supply a positive mechanical lock against rotation, these keylocking threaded inserts are of the highest quality.

Acme NAS/MS Style Keylocking Inserts

The NAS/MS Keylocking Inserts are of solid, one-piece construction and feature an easy insertion and removal without using a pre-winder tool. They can be installed with standard drills and taps and work in a variety of materials.

Acme Industrial Style Keylocking Inserts

An excellent choice for thousands of commercial uses, the Industrial Style Keylocking Inserts come standard in stainless steel and carbon steel. The inserts are available in bulk and single or assorted kits.

Acme Floating Keylocking Threaded Inserts

The Floating Keylocking Threaded inserts come in miniature-inch and heavy duty-inch. They compensate for uneven surfaces that need alignment and are prone to expansion and contraction issues.

Acme Blind End Threaded Inserts

If there is concern about debris collecting in assembly, the Blind End Threaded Inserts are the ideal choice.

Acme Solid Inserts

The Acme Solid Keylocking Threaded Inserts are used to plug existing holes. They can also be used to let the operator create their own new threaded hole.

Acme Cast-In Threaded Inserts

Cast-In Threaded Inserts come in brass and stainless steel material. They are useful for providing threads to help with securing and handling equipment.

HTF is proud to offer Acme keylocking threaded inserts as part of our globally available items. Our solid partnerships with manufacturers like Acme Industrial Company help provide the most available materials with industry-leading shipping times. Reach out to us today; we are here to help.

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