HTF is pleased to announce that our warehouse reorganization is complete. With the goal of shipping more lines per day so that customers receive parts as quickly as possible, we’ve expanded our internal bulk warehouse capacity by 26 percent and added a gravity-fed system for stocking. This allows products to be easily loaded from the back and slide forward on rollers as each box is emptied. In total, we’ve designated 1,215 gravity flow locations for high velocity items.

“We are making sure our processes are as efficient as possible,” said Zach Waller, director of operations. “Receiving is faster because product is easy to load, and filling orders is faster because parts are organized based on frequency of sale. To date, we have increased pulling efficiency by roughly 17 percent.”

“We at Penn Engineering recognize and appreciate Hi-Tech’s investment in expanding into Canada.”

John O’Brien PEM Director of Sales-Americas

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