HTF, founded in 1988 by CEO Tom Waller, is an industry leader in hardware and component distribution. Beginning in 1992 HTF secured an authorized distribution partnership with Southco. This long-standing relationship has been a great source of pride for HTF over the years, and Southco as a global partner has played an important role in HTF’s 30-year success.

As a global leader in engineering access hardware solutions, Southco has locations in South America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region in addition to their headquarters in Concordville, Pa. Southco has grown from its late 19th century roots as the South Chester Tube Company to a present day global manufacturer employing nearly 3,000 people worldwide. Buyers have access to a robust catalogue of products including 25,000 standard products and 50,000 custom products. These include fasteners, locks, latches, hinges, handles, mounts, and arms. Southco’s manufacturing strategy includes designing, prototyping, and manufacturing their products in one of their global engineering centers. These centers are located strategically throughout the world to reduce lead times, transit costs, and their carbon footprint. All of these benefits are reflected in the total cost to the customer.

The MAKE SAFETY VISIBLE BY SOUTHCO line of products is designed to give an easy-to-see mechanical visual indicator. The indicator shows when there is an unsecured panel which could cause a health or safety hazard to be easily spotted, so it can be properly secured. The Make Safety Visible line is an extension of products already available from Southco like their E3 VISE ACTION Compression Latches, Quick Access Fasteners, and Captive Screws. The Make Safety Visible line extension adds features and benefits like color-coded heads on fasteners, reflective wings on E3 VISE ACTION Compression Latches, and a cover option with the compression latch products that will pop open and stay visibly open, and cannot be closed while the product is unlatched.

The line includes products that provide a clear visual indicator if a storage cabinet or enclosure has been accessed in order to identify if a compartment needs to be serviced or replenished. This is an ideal function to add to the panel of frequently used components. With a variety of C2 Lever Latch products available which feature a small, color-coded window, the status is clearly displayed. This is accomplished by displaying green in the window when the latch has not been opened since it was reset. If the latch is opened, the window will change from green to red and remain red during all following openings until being reset to green with a separate security key. These latches are low-profile and sleek while remaining highly visible. They are easy to install and operate making them ideal for many applications.

In addition, the MAKE SAFETY VISIBLE line includes Electronic Access Solutions for applications protecting access to sensitive equipment or information. The products make safety visible by providing a clear electronic visual indicator integrated into the latch. They can be integrated into an existing access control system or supplied as a fully networked system. The Electronic Access Solutions enable remote access, monitoring, and audit trail reporting to meet compliance requirements. To learn more about the MAKE SAFETY VISIBLE BY SOUTHCO line of products, click here.

Also from Southco are advances in touchpoint design for the aerospace industry. The use of torque hinging solutions into interior aircraft applications helps with controlling motion and absorbing vibration with the end goal of creating a quality experience for the user while interacting with touchpoints. With an eye to decreasing weight, engineers are turning to torque hinges for lightweight positioning solutions providing ergonomic functionality for all users. Hinges and display mounts designed to utilize pre-engineered constant torque technology grant a full range of motion and improved ergonomics and usability. Application examples include headrests, food trays, interior panels and doors, and IFE Systems. The key to providing quality experiences for passengers, crew, and maintenance personnel while keeping materials lightweight for interior applications is the use of constant torque hinges. Visit the Southco website to download the full Aerospace Positioning Solutions Industry Report.

Southco is an important global manufacturer partner and has played an integral role in HTF’s track record of quality manufacturing. The HTF team is ready to help with a wide variety of fasteners for any function. We are committed to the highest level of customer service in the industry and getting products to you faster than our competitors at lower costs. This is why top manufacturers in the industry continue to partner with HTF.

Learn more about Southco’s product offerings here.

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