HTF has been delivering the parts you need, when you need them, for over thirty years. They are proud to carry a diverse inventory from the best brands in the electronic hardware, fasteners, and component industries. HTF has distribution facilities in the United States and Canada to provide their customers with a vast array of part options quickly. Most orders qualify for same-day shipping as part of HTF’s commitment to exceptional service. The lifelong partnerships HTF forms with customers are supported by the strong relationships we build with our industry partners.

Two such partners are making exciting strides in the automotive electronics market. HTF is proud to partner with PennEngineering and Southco to bring our loyal customers the best in automotive electronic solutions. What do they have to offer our customers? We’ll highlight each unique company and the value they add to the HTF inventory.


The PennEngineering family of fastener solutions includes PEM and SI brands. They have one of the largest and most diverse portfolios, which is evident by their parts being used by over 90% of automotive brands today. The PennEngineering family of brands creates design-engineered fasteners for all of your automotive electronic applications. From keeping navigation systems functioning to batteries charged, electronic-based systems are a critical piece of automotive architecture. Important to those electronic-based systems are the PEM fasteners and SI brand threaded inserts. PennEngineering has the expertise to provide design-built solutions as well as standard industry parts.

PEM Self-clinching Fasteners

There are many reasons 90% of automakers choose PEM Self-clinching Fasteners on their vehicles. When using them, you will comply with industry standards, achieve reduced lead times, and better performance. Let’s look at additional benefits PEM Self-clinching Fasteners deliver to provide a competitive edge:

One Single Part Number, Anywhere in the World

With a single part number for each standard part, PEM Self-clinching fasteners make it easier to order and increase availability.

PPAP Available Parts

The extensive portfolio of standard parts is PPAP ready, as well as custom items.

Choose Your Technical Cleanliness Level

With the PEM® Clean Lab, you can achieve C400 and C600 technical cleanliness in accordance with project specifications.

Total System Solution with Haeger® Installation Machines

Get even greater efficiency and reliability while creating a total system solution when using PEM® fasteners with Haeger® installation machines.

SI Threaded Inserts and Compression Limiters

Automakers are using plastic in place of metal much more frequently. This has created a need for re-usable inserts that are both strong and water-resistant. The SI Threaded Inserts hold up even when frequent assembly and disassembly are required. SI® Compression Limiters are non-threaded inserts used in applications where the compressive load is applied to a plastic assembly. This strengthens the plastic to hold up under the compressive force applied during assembly.

PennEngineering Says of Their SI Compression Limiters:

  • Plastic integrity uncompromised by the applied load
  • Custom-engineered for many sizes and profiles
  • Flexible materials – brass, stainless steel, lead-free aluminum
  • Press-in, mold-in, heat staking, ultrasonic installation
  • Design types – flange head, symmetrical, full diamond knurl, non-knurled symmetrical


For over 70 years, Southco has been a trusted supplier of innovative access solutions. They have decades of solid experience innovating and partnering with the automotive industry. As a trusted OEM supplier, Southco has continued to move designs forward to provide next-generation technology, taking the customer experience to the next level. Their engineered access solutions integrate perfectly with automotive applications.

Examples of Applications:

  • Center console mechanisms
  • Glove box latching mechanisms
  • Electronic locking solutions
  • Seating and headrests
  • Underbody and underhood service panels

Southco is a leader in engineered access solutions among automakers and provides parts that enhance interior designs for passenger comfort. They are leading the way with autonomous vehicle design interior access applications, as well as increasing user confidence. With over seventy-five engineers, they are fully equipped for your non-standard design needs. They also provide total program management from design concept to manufacturing.

HTF is Here to Help

The partnerships HTF has formed with Southco and PennEngineering allow for reduced lead times on all your automotive electronic fastening and access solution needs. Not only will you find a diverse range of industry-standard parts, but you can get them with same-day shipping. HTF offers many support for their valued customers, including guaranteed stock on a monthly basis at discounted volume rates. Reach out today, we are here to help.

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“We at Penn Engineering recognize and appreciate Hi-Tech’s investment in expanding into Canada.”

John O’Brien PEM Director of Sales-Americas

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