For over 30 years, HTF has built valued partnerships with global manufacturing partners, allowing HTF to provide the best inventory at excellent prices with industry-leading delivery times. We are proud to spotlight Panduit®, one of our top-selling component manufacturers, and their trusted cable management systems.

Panduit® systems offer a safe and organized approach to route and transition wiring. All of the Panduit® cable management systems are easy and economical options for cable entry, routing, and wire organization systems.

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Cable Management System

1. Size and Type of Cable

When choosing the right cable management system, it is important to consider the size and type of cable in use. The size of the cable will determine the proper routing system. For instance, the FiberRunner Cable Routing System is offered in five different channel sizes. In addition to the size and type of cable, the length will also determine the type of cable management parts or systems being used. 

2. Material

Cable management systems come in varying materials. Wiring duct systems are made of PVC and consist of channels, fittings, and brackets designed to segregate, route, and protect fiber optic cable and copper cabling. Wire mesh cable tray systems are best used with copper data cables, fiber optic, or power cables. The FiberRunner Cable Routing System is designed to route fiber optic and high-performance copper data cabling. Surface Raceway Systems, also made from PVC, route cables along smooth and clean perimeter walls, baseboards, or ceilings. 

3. Plan for Future Upgrades or Changes

Panduit® cable management systems are ideal because they allow for future upgrades or changes while still being economical and efficient. The FiberRunner system has QuickLock mounting brackets and couplers, which allow for rapid installation of components or reconfiguration over time. It is a fast and economical choice that can be reconfigured or expanded rapidly in the future. 

4. Use Labels and Color Coding

For easy organization, consider using labels and a color coding system to manage your cable systems. The Pan-Steel Stainless Steel Solutions are one option for accomplishing a clean and organized system. The stainless steel ties can be color coded for easy organization. Additionally, the line includes options for metal marker plates, tags, and embossing tools. Other options for lighter-duty management are color-coded hook and loop ties or color-coded electrical tape in a range of colors. 

5. Look for Quality and Safety Certifications

The Panduit® line of cable management products is trusted to route and protect cables while providing an economical solution to organizations. These well-engineered products meet national requirements like the NEBS GR-63 CORE: Level 3 Compliance and meet and exceed industry standards, providing a high-quality solution to cable management needs. 

6. Cost of Installation and Maintenance

Each moment an IT system is down can cost organizations thousands of dollars, so rapid upgrades and changes are necessary. Installation and maintenance costs can be controlled, with options like the FiberRunner System with its QuickLock components allowing for fast installation and reconfiguration. The well-designed and thought-out systems provided by Panduit® are efficient to install, scalable, and long-lasting, saving time and money.

HTF and Panduit®

When choosing a cable management system, it is essential to consider the factors reviewed above. The system should be scalable for future growth and changes, quick to install, long-lasting, and reliable. Systems should meet industry stands like NEBS compliance and other safety certifications. Consider the material and size of the cables needing routed and choose the appropriate cable management components to label, organize and route them. 

Panduit® is an industry leader in cable management solutions. Their well-designed components are constructed to save time and money while maintaining high quality and protecting the integrity of the cables. HTF is knowledgeable when it comes to the Panduit® line of products, and experts are standing by to help with selecting and ordering the proper Panduit® wire management solutions for your project’s needs. Reach out to HTF today to request a quote, and ask about same-day shipping.

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