HTF for years has valued its close partnership with our global manufacturing partners. These relationships are part of the successful formula which allows HTF to provide the best inventory at excellent prices with industry-leading delivery times. To show our commitment and appreciation for these partnerships, HTF will be spotlighting one of our valued partners, Stanley Engineered Fastening.

For nearly 100 years, Stanley Engineered Fastening has been a leader in fastening and assembly technologies with 27 locations spread throughout the world. Stanley Engineered Fastening is a division of Stanley Black & Decker and boasts a diverse portfolio of brands - Avdel®, Integra™, Nelson®, Optia®, POP®, STANLEY® Assembly Technologies (Heli-Coil®, Spiralock®, and Dodge® ), and Tucker®. HTF has been proud partners with Stanley Engineered Fastenings since 1996 and they play an integral role in deep inventory HTF customers count on.

Product Highlights

Wire Threaded Inserts

Heli-Coil wire threaded inserts have many options like plating, material, locking, or non-locking variations. These fully adaptable and configurable iterations of the Heli-Coil portfolio make it ideal for automotive, industrial, aerospace, and defense industries. Furthermore, due to its design, the Heli-Coil wire threaded inserts are an excellent choice for achieving structural integrity while keeping the material lightweight.

Spiralok Fastening System

The Spiralok Fastening System® is best suited for threaded joint applications subjected to heavy vibration and challenging environments. Spiralok delivers dependable product performance for custom-designed applications as well as simple changes of fasteners. The 30-degree wedge ramp makes the anti-vibration technology in this fastening system safer and more reliable at the root of the internal thread. This provides resistance to vibration loosening, improved joint integrity, and consistent reusability, all without the need for secondary locking devices. As Stanley Engineered Fastening says, “The Edge is in the Wedge ™.”

POP Rivets

POP Rivets, inventor of the blind rivet, produces high-quality blind rivets and rivet nuts for non-structural applications. POP blind rivets can be set without the need for access to the back of the workpiece. They can also be used in many applications where access isn’t the main concern for installation.

Inserts for Plastics

Dodge® high-performance inserts for plastics are the industry standard for achieving metallic thread performance in a plastic part. First, let’s review the Dodge line of inserts:

HTF is here to help

With partnerships like HTF maintains with Stanley Engineered Fastenings, we can provide an extensive global inventory with excellent lead times on orders. So reach out to HTF today for all of your fastening needs; we are here to help.

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