HTF has developed trusted partnerships with many global trade partners throughout the years. One of these partnerships is with Stanley Engineering who for nearly 100 years has been a leader in fastening and assembly technologies. Stanley Engineering has 27 locations spread throughout the world. As a division of Stanley Black & Decker, Stanley Engineering is part of a diverse portfolio of brands including Avdel®, Integra™, Nelson®, Optia®, POP®, STANLEY® Assembly Technologies (Heli-Coil®, Spiralock®, and Dodge® ), and Tucker®. Since 1996, Stanley Engineering and HTF have partnered to provide the robust inventory of parts HTF customers have come to expect.

The Heli-Coil® portfolio of wire threaded inserts and installation tools offers many configurations including plating, material, locking, or non-locking variants that make it fully adaptable and configurable for industries like automotive, industrial, aerospace, and defense. The trend in the industry is toward the lightweighting of materials while maintaining the structural integrity of bolted or fastened joints. Heli-Coil® by nature of its design is an ideal solution for these assemblies.

Wire Inserts

Heli-Coil® Tangless Screw Thread Inserts—Tangless threaded inserts provide permanent, wear-resistant screw threads that eliminate the need for tang break-off and retrieval. There are two styles of Heli-Coil® tangless inserts. “Free-Running” tangless inserts and the “Screw-Locking” tangless insert.

Heli-Coil® Tanged Screw Thread Inserts—There are two styles of Heli-Coil® tanged screw thread inserts. The standard or “Free-Running” tanged insert provides a smooth free-running thread, while the “Screw-Locking” tanged insert provides self-locking torque on the male member by a series of “chords” on one or more of the insert coils.

Heli-Coil® 8-Pitch Screw Thread Inserts—These inserts are a unique series of screw thread inserts designed for 8-pitch threaded holes. 

Heli-Coil® Oversize™ & Twinsert® Screw Thread Inserts—Heli-Coil® 8-Pitch inserts are a unique series of screw thread inserts designed for 8-pitch threaded holes. 

Heli-Coil® Oversize™ & Twinsert® Screw Thread Inserts—There are two thread repair kits available for correcting tapping errors to STI and standard tapped holes. Oversize™ inserts and Twinserts® allow use of the original bolt size after the repair has been made. 

Heli-Coil® Packaged Inserts—The length of the inserts in inch and metric packages is 1.5 times the diameter of the bolt. This provides sufficient strength in most applications. Spark plug hole inserts are packaged in lengths corresponding to the various spark plug reaches. 

Heli-Coil® Pipe Thread Inserts—These pipe thread inserts are precision-formed screw thread coils of 18-8 stainless steel wire, cold-rolled into a sharp crest diamond-shaped cross section having a tensile strength in excess of 20,000 PSI and a smooth surface of 8-16 microinches. 

Heli-Coil® Primer-Free® Coated Inserts Primer-Free® Inserts—These inserts are designed for use in applications where galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals is a concern. The proprietary Primer-Free® coating not only protects the base material and provides excellent lubricity, it also eliminates the need for liquid chromate primers. 

Heli-Coil® Self-Tapping Screw Thread Inserts for Wood—The self-tapping wire screw thread inserts offer a versatile and inexpensive method for putting stronger threads in wood and other fibrous materials. 

Heli-Coil® Spark Plug Screw Thread Inserts—Spark plug screw thread inserts provide specific benefits to high-temperature, high-performance spark plug applications. They have a tensile strength of 200,000 PSI, are wound into a helical coil with a driving tang and notch to remove the tang after the insert is screwed into the Heli-Coil® tapped hole.

Tools For Wire Inserts

Whether you’re installing or removing an insert, Heli-Coil® offers a variety of power tools to get the job done in an efficient, easy-to-use manner. Their power tools offer installation and removal methods that require minimal effort. Meanwhile, Heli-Coil® hand tools provide non-electric solutions to extracting and installing inserts.

Heli-Coil® Power Installation Tools

Heli-Coil® power tools provide a faster, quieter, and lighter solution to insert installation. They consist of three components: front-end assembly, adapter, and reversible air motor. The front-end assembly includes a prewinder, mandrel, and spacer. The adapter depends on the insert size. The mandrel’s slender configuration allows for access to constricted areas.

Heli-Coil® Tang Removal Tools

Heli-Coil® Tang Removal Tools are simple to use and available as either pneumatic or hand style. Tang Break-Off Tools remove the driving tangs of inserts to eliminate interference with the end of the assembled bolt. The automatic operation utilizes a spring-loaded, triggered punch that provides a sharp, uniform blow on the tang of the installed insert. Other Heli-Coil extraction tools offer easy manual removal of Heli-Coil® inserts with little effort.

Heli-Coil®Hand Tools

Heli-Coil® hand tools are designed to help determine accessibility to the tapped hole. They feature a threaded mandrel, which engages the insert and provides a positive lead to guide it into the tapped hole easily and quickly. 

Heli-Coil® Type I & Type III Threaded Mandrel Hand Tool 

Mandrels, which attach to the front of a prewinder, clamp onto the coil insert and guide it into the threaded hole. Threaded Mandrel installs large coarse-pitch inserts. Finer pitch inserts must be prewound to a smaller diameter for insertion, but only a threaded mandrel tool is needed for large coarse-pitch inserts.

Heli-Coil® Type II Prewinder & Type IV Non-Captive Prewinder Hand Tool 

Prewinder hand tools, ideally for small production runs, offer a quick option for installing wire inserts by hand. During the installation process, the insert’s diameter is reduced when passing through the prewinder chamber, thus making installation easier. The Heli-Coil® Type II Prewinder Hand Tool helps install tanged inserts for production runs, prototype projects, salvage, and repair.

HTF Is Here To Help

Thanks to our partnerships like that with Stanley Engineered Fastenings, we can provide a large global inventory with top-of-the-industry lead times on orders. So, reach out to HTF today for all of your fastening needs; we are here to help.

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