HTF is pleased to highlight the POP® Well-Nut® Rivet Nuts by our trusted partner, Stanley Engineered Fastening. These nuts are an excellent option for fastening in applications that demand a threaded female insert that provides qualities such as watertightness, airtightness, electrical isolation, noise dampening, or resistance to vibration.

While a conventional blind insert, like a rivet, can securely join with its parent application, it generally lacks the sealing, noise-dampening, removable, and vibration-tolerant features that distinguish the POP® Well-Nut®. And, unlike typical blind inserts, which may not offer these additional benefits, they excel in applications requiring these qualities.

Fast Facts: POP® Well-Nut® Rivet Nuts

The Well-Nut® Rivet Nut consists of a flanged chloroprene bushing with a brass machine nut integrated at one end. As a conventional machine screw is tightened into the brass nut, the insert expands, ensuring a firm and secure fastening. The Well-Nut® threaded inserts comply with RoHS, ELoV, and WEEE regulations.

Chloroprene rubber is the standard option, with alternatives such as EPDM and nitrile also available. Chloroprene rubber provides consistent strength and possesses a balanced set of beneficial properties. EPDM is particularly well-suited for outdoor use.

POP® Well-Nut® Rivet Nuts provide a multitude of benefits across various applications. They excel in isolating against electrical conductivity and effectively seal out ambient moisture and gases, making them ideal for environments where these properties are critical. Designed for blind hole installation, they securely fasten components while also muffling noise and dampening vibration and shock, enhancing overall operational stability and comfort. Their ability to prevent galvanic corrosion further extends their utility, particularly in mixed material fastenings where compatibility and longevity are essential.

Features and Benefits

These rivet nuts are removable and offer versatility through availability in multiple compounds, ensuring suitability for diverse operational requirements. With a straightforward one-step installation process, Well-Nut® Rivet Nuts simplify assembly tasks, even in closed-end holes, offering convenience without compromising performance or reliability. Whether for industrial equipment, automotive applications, or consumer electronics, these rivet nuts provide a robust solution that combines ease of use with effective performance characteristics.

Well-Nut Installation

To install a Well-Nut rivet nut, start by drilling a round hole into the parent material. Insert the rubber well nut into the hole, using a metal washer if the well nut spins during installation. Place the secondary attachment on top of the well nut, then thread a male bolt through the secondary attachment into the well nut. Tighten the bolt to securely fasten the components together. Ensure the secondary attachment is firmly affixed to the parent material to complete the installation process effectively.

During installation, Well-Nut rivet nuts introduce benefits such as water and air isolation, electrical insulation, noise dampening, and enhanced vibration resistance. These qualities contribute to a more secure and stable assembly process.

Where Are Well-Nuts Used?

Well nuts find widespread use in applications demanding airtight and waterproof seals, as well as effective vibration dampening. They are prominently employed in various sectors such as the marine industry for isolating vibrating motors on boats, the construction of water tanks, and the manufacturing of factory equipment, automobiles, and power tools. In the automotive sector, they provide resistance against outdoor elements and vibration, while in the construction industry, they are utilized for electrical isolation purposes. These versatile fasteners play a crucial role in ensuring durability, reliability, and performance across diverse industrial and commercial applications.

Choosing the Right Rivet Nut

Choosing the right rivet nut involves several considerations. First, assess the types, sizes, and materials available to ensure compatibility with your application's requirements. Pay attention to measurement specifications such as width, length, thread size, flange size, diameter, and grip range to achieve a secure fit and optimal performance. During installation, take precautions to avoid applying excessive torque, which could potentially damage the well-nut and compromise its effectiveness.

POP® Well-Nut® Rivet Nuts excel across a number of application cases. They offer superior vibration resistance, effectively reduce noise, and provide reliable waterproofing and gas-proofing capabilities. They also excel in electrical insulation, which is important for applications requiring isolation from electrical currents. Furthermore, their straightforward installation process enhances efficiency and convenience, making them a preferred choice across industries where these attributes are essential for maintaining operational integrity and longevity.


Stanley Well Nut Rivet Nuts stand out for their impressive versatility and numerous benefits across diverse industries. They offer superior vibration resistance, noise reduction, and effective sealing against water, air, and gases. Their electrical insulating properties further enhance their utility, making them essential in applications ranging from marine and automotive industries to construction and manufacturing sectors.

With HTF providing access to Stanley Engineering products, including POP® Well-Nut® Rivet Nuts, and a dedicated team of knowledgeable experts, you can confidently choose the right fastening solution for your specific needs. HTF's commitment to prompt service, including same-day shipping from a single location when orders are placed by 3 PM Eastern, ensures efficient procurement and support for your projects. Request a quote today, HTF is here to help!

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