HTF is proud to carry a diverse inventory from the best brands across many industries including drawer slide systems. HTF has distribution facilities in the United States and Canada to provide their customers with a vast array of part options quickly. Most orders qualify for same day shipping as part of HTF’s commitment to exceptional service. The lifelong partnerships HTF forms with clients are supported by the strong relationships we build with our industry partners. 

At HTF we are excited to highlight our partnership with Accuride International Inc. in our ongoing spotlight series. At Accuride they are “always moving forward,” and we are thrilled to be a part of that and to offer their movement solution hardware to our customers. 

Accuride International Inc.

Accuride International Inc. is a leading manufacturer of movement solutions for cabinets, machinery, and other applications around the world. Founded in Burbank, Calif., in 1958 by engineer Fred Jordan, Accuride was born as a tool and die company and quickly became specialists in movement systems. In 1966 they moved to their current headquarters in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., and then expanded further in 1972 when they opened a facility in Diez, Germany. Over the years they would expand to the United Kingdom, Japan, China, and Mexico.

Choosing the Right Drawer Slide

It is important to choose the right drawer slide to avoid years of headaches with your chosen application. Slides generally come inside mount or undermount and function better in different circumstances. Accuride manufactures ball bearing slides lubricated to move the drawer or other application in a linear direction. This allows for a smooth opening and closing action. These lubricated bearings are secured within metal ball retainers and fit between the members. 

A simple drawer slide consists of an inner member called a drawer that attaches to the side of a drawer box, and an outer, or cabinet, which attaches to the cabinet’s inner wall surface within the drawer opening. In this system only one of the slide members moves when opening the drawer. In a two member slide the drawer, or outer member, is the moving element. 

Alternatively, the more complex slide system consists of three members with an intermediate member added to the setup. This is found between the cabinet and drawer members. In this system only the drawer and intermediate members move. The cabinet member is fixed to the cabinet structure and does not move while the drawer box is being operated. 

Slides come in two arrangements as previously mentioned. These are side-mounted and undermount, with most of Accuride drawer slides being side-mounted. This means they are mounted on the side of the drawer and within the cabinet structure. An undermount slide mounts in a position allowing a specially designed drawer to sit on top of the suspension. The undermount is used when the drawer slide component needs to be hidden from view when in operation. The Accuride model 3135EC Eclipse is an example of an Accurate undermount system. 

Details to Consider

Lengths and Extensions: 

Accuride slides come in lengths from 6 to 60 inches based on the length of the drawer box or application the slide is needed to operate. The intended use of the drawer helps to determine the travel distance of the slide system. Kitchen utensil drawers are an example of drawer boxes needing over-travel slides. 

Load Capacity:

The weight your application is likely to see when in use determines the necessary load capacity of the slide system. Accuride slide loads fall into three ranges:

  • Light — Handles loads up to 75 pounds
  • Medium — Handles loads up to 150 pounds
  • Heavy — Handles loads reaching to 1,300 pounds in some models

Final Details to Consider:

A few final details to consider when choosing an Accuride drawer slide system include options for disconnecting the drawer box, or alternatively using non-disconnect slides which lock the drawer box in place. Drawer slide options include locks, detents, and special features such as easy-close, self-close, and touch release. 

HTF is here to help

The partnership HTF has formed with Accuride allows for reduced lead times on all drawer slide system needs. Not only will you find a diverse range of industry standard parts, but you can get them with same day shipping.  HTF offers many support services for their valued customers, including guaranteed stock on a monthly basis at discounted volume rates. Reach out today, we are here to help.

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