For over 30 years, HTF has established a strong reputation by stocking a wide range of standard and non-standard items. We are trusted by customers worldwide for our expertise in prototyping, design processes, and initial production runs. As an ISO-certified master-stocking distributor of electronic hardware, fasteners, and components, HTF maintains a diverse inventory sourced from top brands in the industry. Founded in 1988, the company aimed to meet the mid-Atlantic region's hardware and component distribution needs. 

Over time, we expanded our product offerings to serve various industries, including defense, telecom, industrial, commercial, and aerospace. In 2013, HTF expanded into Canada and continued to grow through strategic acquisitions, reflecting our commitment to quality products and service. In 2018, we unveiled a new unified brand that embodies our extensive inventory, exceptional service, and global presence, reinforcing our status as a world-class international supplier.

We are pleased to highlight Carey Manufacturing and its Amatom brand. Since 1981, they have been a reliable supplier of various industries' catches, latches, and handles. They offer high-quality products and dependable service with their manufacturing facility in Cromwell, Conn., and a commitment to producing in the USA. They also provide customization options and contract manufacturing for CNC machined parts and assemblies, ensuring they meet the diverse needs of their customers.

Amatom Electronic Hardware has a long-standing reputation for excellence and adaptability, spanning over 50 years. Founded in 1957 by Lowell Abeles, Amatom started as a broker before transitioning into a full-service manufacturer. As part of Carey Manufacturing since 2003, Amatom has become a global supplier of electronic hardware, catering to manufacturers and assembly markets.

What are captive panel retainers?

Captive panel retainers are fasteners explicitly designed to secure metal panels or thin materials in situations requiring frequent access. The Amatom brand offers captive panel retainers that aim to minimize the number of components, thus reducing the likelihood of loose hardware that may potentially harm other elements. These retainers consist of various components crafted from stainless steel, aluminum, hardened carbon steel, brass, or plastic, with the material choice depending on the project's application and strength demands.

A Guide to Amatom’s Captive Panel Retainers

Type 1

Designed to be used in conjunction with type 1 captive screws, Type 1 captive panel retainers are made from SS corrosion-resistant steel (stainless steel) following the specifications of ASTM A581-75 for sizes up to 1/2 O.D. and AMS-5762 for sizes over 1/2. They are also available in B brass, complying with QQ-B-626 Comp 22 1/2 Hard. The SS retainers undergo passivation per QQ-P-35 to enhance their corrosion resistance, while the brass retainers are nickel-plated to QQ-N-290 Grade G. The threads on these retainers adhere to the standards of UNC-2B and UNF-2B. The production of these retainers meets high precision standards regarding workmanship and follows the quality control guidelines outlined in MIL-STD-105. They are specifically manufactured for use with government equipment.

Type 2

These retainers, which are made from SS corrosion-resistant steel (stainless steel) to ASTM A581-75 specifications up to 1/2 O.D. and AMS-5762 for sizes over 1/2, and B brass to QQ-B-626 Comp 22 1/2 Hard standards, are specifically used with type 2 captive screws. The SS retainers are passivated per QQ-P-35 for boosting corrosion resistance, while the brass retainers are nickel-plated to QQ-N-290 Grade G. Made with high precision and checked under MIL-STD-105, the retainers, namely Type 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D panel retainers, are specially designed for government use.

Type 3

Panel Retainers of types 3 and 3A have been fabricated out of stainless steel (SS corrosion-resistant steel) and B brass, designed primarily for use with type 3 captive screws. ASTM A581-75 specifications have been used to manufacture retainers up to 1/2 O.D., while AMS-5762 has been employed in retainers above the mentioned size. Besides being coated with QQ-P-35 for corrosion resistance, the SS retainers have also gone through passivation per QQ-P-35 for increased security. On the other hand, the Brass retainers have been nickel-plated up to QQ-N-290 Grade G. To attain their uniform quality, these panel retainers have gone through precision workmanship and the quality controls laid down by MIL-STD-105. Like the other panel retainers mentioned above, these type 3 retainers are designed for government use.

HTF and Amatom

Over three decades, HTF has built a strong reputation as a trusted distributor of standard and non-standard items, serving customers globally with expertise in prototyping, design processes, and initial production runs. With an ISO-certified status and a diverse inventory sourced from top brands, HTF continues to meet various industries' hardware and component distribution needs. 

Additionally, we are proud to highlight Carey Manufacturing’s Amatom brand’s captive panel retainers. These specialized fasteners are designed to secure metal panels or thin materials in applications requiring frequent access, with different materials available depending on project requirements and strength demands. These retainers are designed for use with specific types of captive screws and are manufactured to high precision standards for reliable performance, including applications involving government equipment. 

No matter the size of your project, reach out to HTF to receive a quote today. Our knowledgeable team is ready to answer any questions you have about Carey Manufacturing/Amatom products and how their product line can serve your project’s needs. 

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