At HTF, we pride ourselves on the partnerships we maintain with leaders throughout the industry. We are proud to spotlight Concord Electronics. Concord Electronics specializes in high-precision interconnect components, hardware, and test accessories. Concord produces a significant portion of its products in the USA.

Their terminals cater to diverse sectors, such as military, aerospace, and general commercial applications, including industries utilizing high-voltage equipment. Boasting qualifications as a supplier for MIL-DTL-39024 and recognition for producing MIL-T-55155 (Group A) and A-A-59126 components, Concord adheres to high standards and consistently conducts rigorous testing to ensure top-notch component quality.

Concord's comprehensive range encompasses items like terminals, jacks, plugs, and more for use with wiring and cables. Operating for over half a century, Concord Electronics takes pride in basing the majority of its manufacturing in Long Island City, New York, establishing itself as a trusted American manufacturer.

What Is a Commercial Insulated Terminal?

Terminals link cables and wires to electronic components and parts of electrical systems. Concord's terminals have insulating properties with plastic covers for secure connections, avoiding damage and rust over time. They provide a wide range of vinyl, nylon, heat-shrink, and eco-friendly polycarbonate terminals suitable for multi-industry uses.

Concord Electronics Insulated Commercial Terminals Product Line

Length and Diameter Options

Length and diameter options for commercial insulated terminals range from .150” - 2.500” in length and .040 to .090 in diameter. 

Feed-Thru Combinations

Feed-thru combinations are where the wires and the insulated terminals make their connection at the wire insertion point:

  • Pin/Tip
  • Pin/Pin
  • Turret/Pin
  • Pin/Hook
  • Pin/Slotted
  • Double Turret/Double Turret
  • Slotted/Slotted
  • Turret/Turret
  • Double Turret/Tip
  • Double Turret/Turret
  • Pin/Solder Cup
  • Turret/Tip
  • Turret/Slotted
  • Tip/Hook
  • Tip/Slotted
  • Double Turret/Pin
  • Double Turret/Slotted
  • Thread/Tip

Mounting Options

There are many options for mounting commercial insulated terminals of any combination:

  • Press Fit
  • 12-28 Nut
  • Press Lock
  • 6-32 Nut
  • 4-40 Nut
  • 10-32 Nut
  • 8-32 Nut
  • 8-32 Nut
  • ¼-28 Nut
  • 6-32 Screw
  • 4-40 Screw
  • 2-56
  • Solder
  • 4-40

Terminal Materials and Finishes

Concord Electronics makes terminals out of brass and phosphor bronze. They are then coated in the terminal finish layer.

The terminal finish is the coating on the outside of the terminal. These finishes come in the following options: 

  • Silver
  • Gold 
  • Electro-Tin
  • Bright Tin
  • Electro Solder
  • Bright Tin-Lead
  • Zinc

Insulation Material

  • PTFE
  • Diallyl Phthalate

Concord Electronics also offers multiple insulating colors for organization and convenience.

RoHS Compliance

RoHS, or Restriction of Hazardous Substances, is a regulatory framework impacting the electronics and electrical industries. It originated in the European Union (EU) in 2002, restricting six hazardous materials in electronic products.

Since July 2006, products in the EU market must meet RoHS compliance. A subsequent directive introduced in 2011 extended RoHS compliance to products carrying the CE marking and required more stringent compliance recordkeeping rules. The latest iteration added four phthalates to the list of restricted substances. Commercial insulated terminals supplied by Concord Electronics are RoHS compliant. 

Why Concord Electronics?

Insulated terminals ensure secure connections, prevent damage, and resist rust over time. Concord Electric’s terminal range is vast, but its dedication to quality electronics insulation is second to none.
With adherence to rigorous standards, a comprehensive product range, and American-based manufacturing, they are a trusted choice for industries spanning from automotive to telecommunications. HTF is proud to offer Concord Electronics products to our customers.

HTF experts are prepared to guide you through the selection process and answer any questions you may have about Concord Electric insulated terminals. HTF’s sales staff can offer the best pricing on Concord Electronics products, including the commercial insulated terminals. Request a quote today; HTF is here to help! 


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