HTF has been leading the way in hardware and component distribution for 30 years. Over the years HTF has continued to foster strong and long-lasting partnerships with industry leading part manufacturers. Delivering same-day shipping and a vast catalogue of fasteners and components is key to the success of HTF and would not be possible without the teamwork of over 25 manufacturing partners. Each year the inventory grows as partners are added and innovative new parts become available. One such trusted partner to HTF is Device Technologies, Inc. (DTI). 

DTI, like HTF, has been in business for 30+ years. To be exact, DTI began 37 years ago in 1984 from modest beginnings in an old farmhouse basement. Fast forward to today, DTI has grown substantially to a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled class A facility. Their success as the original source for wire protection grommet edging has been on an upward trajectory since their start thanks to consistently meeting their customer’s needs under an AS9100 Quality Control system. 

Wire Protection Grommet Systems

The DTI line of wire protection grommet systems are proven to cut costs by 49% thanks to their superior performance. The encapsulated spring steel core of the grommet system outperforms plastic grommets every time. Another attribute that cuts cost in half is the time saved with snap-on installation compared to glue. With fewer steps in the workflow, efficiency of the snap-on grommets is 9.5 times faster. There are 12 types of Spring-Fast grommet edging from high-heat to military applications and more. 


  • Snap-on install lowers costs by 49% vs. grommets with glue.
  • Improves efficiency 9.5x due to fewer steps in workflow.
  • Nylon clad substrate assures high performance in normal or hostile environments.
  • Flame retardant per UL94V-0
  • Vibration compliant to Telcordia GR63-CORE

Spring-Fast Aerospace

  • Helps prevent wires and cables from chafing.
  • Fusion bonded nylon and a sacrificial polymer cushion for softer interface for cables.
  • Greater gripping strength for severe shock and vibration.
  • General aviation applications: avionics racks, fuselage/tail sections to lightening holes, ribs, and other structures.

Spring-Fast Military

  • Used on C4 Electronic systems, land-based E-shelters, tactical equipment, and Dept. of Defense (DoD) missile systems.
  • U.S. DoD and FAA approved per NASM 22529/1, NASM 22529/2.
  • NSN per Federal Supply Code 5325.
  • Outperforms nylon grommets like MS21266 and BACG20Z.


  • Edge trim with fast and easy application and removal.
  • Protects against rough panel edges in a variety of environments.
  • Steel substrates encapsulated with silicone, EPDM, or PVC.
  • Compliant with: FMVSS 302, UL94, FAR25, ASTM and FDA approvals.
  • Tools to cut, measure and apply Spring-Fast and Trim-Fast™
  • Tools available: Installation roller, full bypass shears, castle removal, measuring scale, go/no-go sizing gauge, cutter cart.

Enclosure and Door Seals

The DTI line of enclosure and door seals help to protect against environmental conditions such as dust, fumes, heat/cold, and moisture. The Seal-Fast Edge Seal and Seal-Fast Plate Seal create effective solutions for sealing your data services and equipment quickly and efficiently.

Seal-Fast Edge Seal

  • Seal-Fast seals offer the best way to provide environmental protection from dust and moisture — even M&M’s™ and French fries (an actual automotive requirement!).
  • 100’s of COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) options available in PVC/EPDM, EPDM, Silicone with or without steel or stainless-steel substrate. Snaps on easily with strong edge retention.

Seal-Fast Plate Seal

  • A fast and reliable way to protect critical equipment in places where wire, cable, air hoses, fuel and oil lines pass through fire walls, bulkheads, wall panels and enclosure openings and avoid contact with sharp panel surfaces while also sealing the aperture for airflow, heat loss and or insect/rodent penetration.

Fiber and Cable Management

There are many benefits to having proper fiber and cable management including faster rewiring, ensuring data flow, and expediting troubleshooting. These benefits also reduce time and costs by simplifying the work. 

Fast-Drop Fiber Bend Radius Control Modules

  • Prevents network data loss from macrobends
  • Easy to use patented system
  • Fast install on existing racks

Protect-Fast Braided Wrap and Sleeving

  • Tough, lightweight sleeving 
  • Easy install of wires or bundles
  • Protects against abrasion and cutting
  • MIL, UL, FAR 25 approvals

Protect-Fast Expander

  • Wire and cable organization
  • Expand 3x
  • Flexible abrasion resistance
  • Multiple applications: IT data centers, telecom, automotive

DTi-Ti’s Cable Ties

  • Bundle and secure cables
  • RoHS compliant and UL and Mil Spec approved products
  • Wide variety of colors, styles, sizes, and options

Hook and Loop Strap

  • Neatly and securely bundle cables
  • Latch on opposing side for secure containment

Hook and Loop Wrap Strap

  • Easy management of cables, fiber, and tubing
  • Strong, reusable
  • Indoor or outdoor use

Shield-Fast Thermal Interface Materials: DTIM Series

DTIM Thermal Interface Materials are designed to allow heat to escape efficiently from electronic devices. DTIM material properties combine high thermal conductivity, flame-retardant properties for heat resistance, and electrical insulation. DTIM Thermal Interface materials can be used in a number of applications like processors, memory chips, high-speed storage devices, telecommunications hardware, automotive engine control units, and cooling components for chassis and frames. 

HTF is Here to Help

Through supplier partnerships like HTF has with DTI, it is possible to bring industry-leading solutions to our customers. Most items are same-day shipping, which means you will get the best parts faster when you trust HTF. Reach out today-— we are here to help. 

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