HTF’s Dynamic Receptionist and Accounting Assistant

When you engage with HTF, you’re sure to meet our dynamic, fun-loving and multitasking guru, Mary Bailey. Mary is our receptionist and accounting assistant, who keeps the office running smoothly and always ready to laugh.

“My motto is that life is too short not to laugh and smile often,” said Mary, who has been with HTF for a little over a year. “HTF is a great place to work because it’s not too corporate and I feel very appreciated by the team and leadership.”

Mary plays a big role in delivering a great experience to HTF’s customers, as she is often the liaison between a customer and HTF’s other departments. She also plays a critical role in supporting our accounting process, ensuring that billing, invoicing and other tasks are accurate and timely. Mary is an outstanding multitasker, always ready to chip in, lend a hand and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

When the office is busy, which seems to always be the case, Mary’s sense of humor helps reduce stress by keeping things light and in perspective. 

When she’s not working at HTF, Mary enjoys attending Baltimore Ravens games, hanging out with her two daughters, coaching basketball, drawing and spending time at the beach. 

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“We at Penn Engineering recognize and appreciate Hi-Tech’s investment in expanding into Canada.”

John O’Brien PEM Director of Sales-Americas

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