Leading wire protection grommet manufacturer ascends from humble New England barn to 20,000 square foot facility 

More than 30 years of success has transformed HTF into an industry leader in hardware and component distribution. Along the way, HTF has built long-standing, trust-based partnerships with more than 25 leading parts manufacturers. This network continues to grow every year. 

This deep partner network has helped HTF solidify its position as a global provider of electronic hardware, fasteners, and components.

The HTF team appreciates and is very grateful for the enormous role their team, its customers and the company’s network of  trusted manufacturer partners have played in the company’s sustained success. 

To celebrate those that have contributed to HTF’s success, HTF has started a Featured Manufacturer Series that will highlight its manufacturer partner network. This blog is the latest installment of HTF’s Featured Manufacturer series. Today, we take a closer look at Device Technologies, Inc. (DTI).  


DTI launched in 1984 in an old farmhouse basement. Shortly thereafter the company upgraded its space to a New England barn. DTI has come a long way since then; today, the company resides in a climate-controlled, Class A facility that the company continues to expand and improve.

DTI is a leading manufacturer of wire protection grommets, including its leading product, the high-performance Spring-Fast® wire protection grommet. DTI’s product line has grown significantly over the years and is qualified for use in hostile environments like high and low temperatures, salt spray, chemical immersion, shock, vibration and high dielectric strength. The company’s innovative engineers and critical partners have developed its first-in-class product line to meet growing market demand across the aerospace, computer servers & storage, defense, food processing, information technology, imaging and medical Equipment, power systems, renewable energy, telecommunications and the rail/transportation industries.

For more than 30 years, DTI has been engineering and manufacturing outstanding, high-quality products for the OEM and electromechanical product manufacturers. The company specializes in the manufacture of wire protection grommet edging, cable management, enclosure and door seals, EMI/RFI shielding and thermal management, and linear reel-to-reel polymer coating, and also offers custom design services.   

HTF is proud to call DTI part of its manufacturer partner network. HTF recognizes it wouldn’t be where it is today without partners like DTI and others. The collaborative relationship and stalwart support of companies like DTI and other manufacturers has made HTF’s 30-year track record of trust and success possible. 

The HTF team is ready to leverage its network of manufacturing partners to get you the parts you need, at the best price and with the best delivery times and customer service in the business. We have a vast catalog of fasteners available that can meet any need and function. We take great pride in serving our customers, and do whatever it takes to get them what they need, fast. That’s why the top manufacturers in the industry choose to partner with us.

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