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HTF is constantly nurturing and seeking to expand its portfolio of global manufacturing partners. With hundreds of industry-leading parts manufacturers in our partner network. HTF has the relationships, buying power,  comprehensive inventory and logistical infrastructure to get our clients what they need, at a great price and with speed. 

HTF is known in the fastener industry as a dependable partner with a deep inventory of quality products and a 360-degree understanding of prototyping, the design process and first production runs.  

We would not be where we are today without this strong manufacturer partner network. To recognize our valued partners that have made invaluable contributions to HTF’s success, we continue our Featured Manufacturer Series that highlights one of these valued partners. This blog is the latest installment of HTF’s Featured Manufacturer series. 

Today, we highlight Stanley Engineered Fastening.

Stanley Engineered Fasteners

For more than 100 years, Stanley Engineered Fasteners has helped its customers elevate what they create. A division of Stanley Black & Decker, the company is a global leader in precision fastening and assembly solutions. With a rich and diverse portfolio of product brands, including Avdel®, Integra™, Nelson®, Optia®, POP®, STANLEY® Assembly Technologies (Helicoil, Spiralock and Dodge), and Tucker®, Stanley Engineered Fasteners has outstanding, high-quality products for any industry and product need. 

Stanley Engineered Fasteners has approximately 5,000 employees spread across 27 locations in Asia, 3 in Central and South America, 21 in Europe/Middle East/Africa and 33 sites in North America, making it a true global fastening and assembly juggernaut. From aerospace and medical equipment to mining and shipbuilding, Stanley helps engineers create the future.

HTF is proud to say it has been a Stanley Engineered Fasteners distributor since 1996.  Partners like Stanley Engineered Fasteners have enabled our company to get to where it is today. The unwavering support and strong partnerships with companies like Stanley Engineered Fasteners and other manufacturers have made possible everything HTF has achieved across the last three decades.

HTF has a wide array of Stanley Engineered Fastener products in stock, ready for fast shipping, including Dodge® high-performance fastening solutions for plastics, Heli-Coil® crew-threaded inserts to eliminate stress and increase strength, POP® (includes high-quality blind rivets and rivet nuts for non-structural applications), and Spiralock®, a superior fastening system ideally suited for threaded joint applications. 

HTF is poised to get you the parts you need, at the best price and with the best delivery times and customer service in the business. Our vast catalog of fasteners is at your disposal to meet any need and function. 

That’s why the top manufacturers in the industry choose to partner with us.

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