Haeger, Inc., a PennEngineering® Company, holds the global leadership position in manufacturing hardware insertion machines, specializing in innovative fastener insertion technology solutions. With a history spanning almost four decades, Haeger has been at the forefront of developing and producing machines and tooling systems capable of inserting a wide range of self-clinching fasteners in various materials. 

Constantly driving innovation, Haeger continues to pioneer new technologies to facilitate the insertion of diverse self-clinching fastener types and sizes. Their team of engineers possesses unparalleled expertise in addressing unique insertion challenges across engineering, production, technical service, and sales and marketing, making Haeger the unrivaled choice for comprehensive insertion solutions. 

HTF began in 1988 as a distributor of hardware and components for the Mid-Atlantic area. Over time, we have added more products to our inventory and started serving industries like defense, telecom, industrial, commercial, and aerospace. In 2013, HTF expanded to Canada and acquired other companies to grow our business and provide top-notch products and services.

In 2018, we introduced a new brand showing our wide range of products, excellent service, and global presence, establishing us as a top international supplier. We are pleased to spotlight our partner Haeger, a PennEngineering® Company.

Why Is Efficient Fastener Insertion Important?

The introduction of Haeger's full line of machines featuring their SingleTouch Part Handling Technology has brought about a crucial advancement in the realm of fastener insertion. These machines can insert up to four different fasteners in a single handling of a part, revolutionizing the efficiency of the process. In fact, this technology is regarded as the most substantial enhancement to hardware insertion productivity since the advent of automatic tooling systems. 

The utilization of Haeger machines leads to the optimization of labor, improved quality, and a remarkable increase in productivity. By integrating this innovative technology, Haeger facilitates a significant improvement in fastener insertion operations, allowing businesses to streamline their processes and achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

When fasteners are inserted manually, efficiency takes a major hit, as does accuracy. When speed, repeatability, and accuracy are paramount, using a Haeger machine will ensure success. Manually inserting fasteners is labor intensive, and quality control becomes a significant issue. 

Haeger Products

  • 824 OneTouch 5e — Four insertion stations and four tool positions can automatically feed up to four different sizes and types of fasteners in one handling. That means productivity of one insertion every 2.5 seconds, while tools are changed within three seconds. Fastener detection and fastener length detection provide complete process control in every station.
  • 824 OneTouch 5e Lite — This machine combines the versatility of the 824 WindowTouch 5e with the production of the 824 OneTouch 5e.
  • 824 WindowTouch 5e — The 824 WindowTouch 5e is the most ergonomic and accessible option in the lineup while still bringing faster tooling and programming.
  • 824 MSP 5e — This machine provides the reliability and energy efficiency of a fully hydraulic machine.
  • 618 MSP 5e — Much like the 824 MSP 5e, this machine highlights energy efficiency and reliability and has a 6-ton ram force and 18-inch throat depth.
  • Pemserter Series 4 — The Pemserter also has a 6-ton insertion force and 18-inch throat depth and features user-friendly visual aids. 

Why Haeger?

As a leading provider of fastener insertion technology, Haeger provides a wide range of solutions to tackle diverse insertion challenges. Their offerings include standard product options, build-to-order alternatives, and custom-engineered solutions, enabling them to cater to any insertion requirement with a unified and personalized approach.

Whether a workshop is new to hardware insertion or deals with a large volume of fasteners annually, Haeger's solution-oriented approach ensures the provision of the most suitable system to meet specific needs. Leveraging their expertise, Haeger guarantees that customers, regardless of their scale or experience level, receive the right solution for their insertion requirements. Moreover, Haeger supports users with a video library and user manuals to facilitate their understanding and utilization of the provided systems.

Whatever your fastener insertion needs, reach out to HTF for a quote today. Our knowledgeable team is ready to answer any questions you have about Haeger products and how their product line can serve your project’s needs.

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