HTF proudly presents InventoryXpert, a user-friendly and cost-efficient self-service inventory management solution designed to streamline your inventory processes.

We understand the importance of having the right parts at the right time. With this customer-managed inventory system (CMI), your procurement team can easily maintain optimal inventory levels utilizing existing part numbers and bins, saving you time and helping to keep your parts organized.

The program employs proprietary software on a barcode and QR code scanner, with preset item minimums and customizable bag quantities per item for quick reordering. After a swift inventory count, needed parts can be seamlessly added to the order, processed via the scanner, and sent directly to HTF. A secondary approval option is available through an order portal, providing flexibility and control. Onboarding is hassle-free, with predetermined settings through your account manager. InventoryXpert simplifies the process, offering an intake form for user and part number details while your dedicated account manager manages logins, products, minimums/maximums, and bag quantities.


InventoryXpert by HTF is a cutting-edge tool designed to elevate your operations. Our mission was to create an intuitive interface that provided you and your team with the confidence and reliability you look for in a components and parts distributor. With a tenured and experienced staff, we prioritize efficiency and customer satisfaction, ensuring quick turnarounds and real-time updates for your team. As an ISO-certified company, we commit to processing orders placed before 3 PM Eastern on the same day from our centralized location.

InventoryXpert provides the confidence of having the right parts at the right time, empowering your team to meet and exceed operational goals. Request a quote today to learn more about how InventoryXpert can improve your procurement process and make stocking parts simple. 

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“We at Penn Engineering recognize and appreciate Hi-Tech’s investment in expanding into Canada.”

John O’Brien PEM Director of Sales-Americas

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