The new and exciting PEM® CASTSERT™ press-in threaded insert from PEM®/Penn Engineering provides strength and durability at highly reduced installation times. 

PEM®/Penn Engineering and HTF

PEM®/Penn Engineering and HTF have partnered since 1992 to bring high-quality fastening materials at industry-leading shipping times. From their earliest days producing self-clinching fasteners, which the Penn Engineering founder invented, to their continued innovation, Penn Engineering is a leader in strong and durable fastening hardware. 

HTF is pleased to highlight a new product by PEM®/Penn Engineering, the PEM® CASTSERT™ Press-in Threaded Inserts, a great option for soft material threaded wire insert applications. Check every box with this product's single-step installation, a wide variety of threads and depths, and the ease of mind that comes with using PEM® inserts.

Let's take a closer look at the product and its capabilities.

PEM® CASTSERT™ Press-in Threaded Inserts

PEM® 300 Series Stainless Steel CASTSERT™ inserts are a strong and durable option for threaded metal inserts. They are installed into pre-drilled holes with an easy, single-step press-in installation process using a flat punch and anvil. The same equipment installs all sizes and lengths, making the CASTSERT™ inserts up to 80% faster than other options. Users are provided ease of mind with the reduction of issues commonly associated with wire inserts, such as inserts backing out due to use and vibration.

Ideal for reinforcing threaded holes, the CASTSERT™ press-in threaded insert is made in material options including zinc, extruded aluminum, and die-cast magnesium and aluminum. They range in hardness from HRB 50 to 80. The CASTSERT™ inserts offer a long-lasting solution for soft materials with its wide variety of durable threads and depths, going beyond what is capable of the PEMSERT® Self-Clinching Flush Fastener (Type F).

Additional CASTSERT™ Highlights:

  • The CASTSERT™ threaded insert has a depth of knurl, which creates engagement with milled holes.
  • There are superior cost savings compared to coil inserts or thread tapping when using these press-in inserts.
  • CASTSERT™ inserts are available in various sizes, including #2-56 to 5/16-18 / M3 to M10 in two lengths per thread size.
  • They are installed by pressing the threaded insert into drilled or as-cast holes, with installation being performed with any standard press.
  • The inserts can be installed at any time during the production process, and their pull-out performance depends on the panel material, thread size, and draft angle.  

HTF and PEM® Inserts 

HTF is proud to partner with PEM®/Penn Engineering to bring you their newest line of threaded press-in inserts. We update our stock daily, with many products shipping the same day. HTF is here to help; reach out today to discuss the new CASTSERT™ press-in threaded inserts. 

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