Heyco® and HTF

HTF is proud to highlight our partnership with Heyco®, a PennEngineering company. As a leader in hardware and component distribution, it is important to maintain strong relationships with partners like Heyco®. By partnering, HTF can bring a more robust inventory to the market with same-day shipping available on most items. 

Heyco® was founded in 1926 as a designer and manufacturer of molded wire protection products and stamped electrical components. Longtime HTF partner PennEngineering purchased them in 2016. Heyco® specializes in prototyping technology and has years of experience with high-volume manufacturing.

Product Overview

The engineers at Heyco® are experienced in utilizing the latest AutoCAD, Pro-E, mold-filling analysis software, and hardware to provide excellent product design, modification, and rapid prototyping. This allows the team to go from an idea to a model of the product in less than 24 hours. They also provide tool design, injection molds, and stamping dies with superior quality. Let’s review the Heyco® product line!

Solar Power Components

The Heyco® line of solar power components includes wire management and grounding and screening solutions. The wire management components consist of cable clips, cable ties, locking devices, screw mounts, and edge clips. These parts come in both plastic and stainless steel materials. In addition to the mounting clips and ties, the wire management components include wire wraps in the form of V nylon slit tubing, self-closing braided sleeving, self-closing braided sleeving, and regular braided sleeving. The grounding and screening solutions include the Aluminum LugRunners, SunJumpers, Sunstars, stainless steel SunClamps, Lockit Clamps steel cushion clamps, and the Sunscreen mesh wire and clips.

Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit, Tubing & Fittings 

Heyco-Flex type conduit and corrugated tubing are used primarily in solar applications and come with a variety of couplings, hubs, and fittings. The conduit comes in Nylon and PVC with fittings made of metal, plastic, nylon, or PVC. 

Liquid Tight Cordgrips 

The Liquid Tight Cordgrips by Heyco® come in straight, right-angle, pigtail, and snap-in varieties. Each is available in NPT, PG, or Metric thread types. Using an integral seal, the cord grips form a liquid-tight seal at the panel without needing an O-ring. 

Strain Relief Bushings

A core component of Heyco’s product line has been strain relief for many years, and its parts are featured in many everyday products on the market today. Over the decades since the Heyco® strain relief bushing was patented in 1950, they have continued to develop and innovate their designs. The modern strain relief bushings are available in black, white, or any custom color and can accommodate many different wire sizes. There are also fully and semi-automated tools available to speed up production. 

Venting Solutions

Heyco® Liquid Tight Vent Plugs are designed to provide a liquid-tight seal without needing an o-ring because of their integral seal. The hydrophobic oleophobic membrane seal allows the passage of air due to equalization without allowing water, oil, or dust to pass through. They are ideally suited for electrical enclosures in need of internal pressure equalization. They snap into panel thicknesses up to a one-eighth inch.

Bushings, Grommets, HEYCaps & Plugs

The Heyco® liquid-tight breakthrough plugs function as a plug and a bushing to prevent water penetration. Designed to have a low profile, they can be installed easily using the snap-finger design into panels of different thicknesses. 


HEYware consists of different hardware product lines by Heyco®. Most have been mentioned previously, but some added options include nylon supports for spacing, screws and locks, rivets, stackable self-retaining spacers, and washers and spacers. 

Power Components 

Power components are installed using the Heyco® “One Step-One Station,” which increases capacity by 50-60%. The same station is activated using a foot pedal to do multiple steps in the process of installing the component. Some of the power component lines are listed below.

  • Terminal blocks, wire connectors, and neutral bars
  • Quick connect and ring & spade terminals
  • Terminal bushings
  • Turn-2-lock components
  • Preassembled cordset components and contacts
  • NEMA 5-15P Blades
  • OEM Blades
  • Surface mount miniature and PCB connectors
  • Folded pins and mating chart
  • Female connectors
  • Multi-connectors and combination terminals

Same-day Shipping for Heyco® Components

Heyco® components can be found in numerous industries, including solar energy, lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration. HTF is standing by to help you find the Heyco® components you need fast with its ever-growing and updated inventory. Ensure your project stays on schedule with our inventory certifications and shipping notifications. All orders placed by 3 p.m. Eastern will ship the same day. Contact HTF to learn more about specialty services such as same-day shipping, bin stocking programs, custom labeling, and more! 

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