HTF is delighted to spotlight our partnership with Acme Industrial Company, offering a wide range of keylocking threaded inserts in their extensive insert inventory. HTF takes pride in its collaborations with high-quality manufacturers, and we're excited to showcase the utility of Acme's keylocking threaded inserts.

What is a keylocking insert?

A corresponding threaded fastener won't affix properly when a threaded hole becomes enlarged or otherwise misshapen. Acme keylocking threaded inserts serve as efficient solutions for rapidly restoring damaged, stripped, or worn-out threads, and they are used in original equipment to reinforce threads within soft metals such as magnesium or aluminum. 

Their user-friendly design ensures easy installation and removal, eliminating the need for specialized tools. They feature keys that securely engage with the surrounding base material's threads, effectively locking the insert in position.

Acme Industrial Company's keylocking insert selections

An excellent choice for thousands of commercial uses, Acme's Industrial Style Keylocking Inserts come standard in stainless steel and carbon steel. The inserts are available in bulk and single or assorted kits and are the functional equivalents to MS/NAS style inserts. These inserts can be removed without damage to the parent material if necessary, and a replacement can be installed. They're perfect as a cost-effective way of creating internal threads to keep inserts functioning properly.

Factors to consider when choosing a keylocking insert

Material compatibility

While brass remains the predominant material choice for threaded inserts, the increasing demand for sustainability has propelled the adoption of lead-free alternatives like stainless steel and aluminum. Stainless steel stands out due to its high strength and corrosion resistance, while aluminum inserts are approximately 70% lighter than their brass counterparts. A standout stainless steel option from Acme is their MS-series keylocking insert

Load capacity

Another important consideration is evaluating the strength needs of the specific application. Strength requirements for an insert primarily revolve around its ability to resist being pulled out of the component and its tensile strength when subjected to the torque the mating fastener applies.

Notably, the length of the insert directly influences its overall strength, with more extended inserts offering increased strength. The insert's diameter is also crucial in determining its torque capacity, as a larger diameter corresponds to a higher torque capacity.

Thread size and configuration

The size and configuration a thread within a drill hole can vary, so getting the correct dimensions and functional setup matters. Acme inserts come in a full range of sizes and capacities.

Their keylocking threaded inserts are available in miniature, lightweight, heavy-duty, and extra heavy-duty threaded insert types with non-locking and self-locking internal threads. They carry the benefit of being produced to work with many different materials with keys that supply a positive mechanical lock against rotation.

Environmental conditions

Understanding applicational and environmental conditions where the keylocking threaded insert will be used is very important. Your industry - electronics, medical equipment, aerospace systems, or any other - will also determine some temperature, humidity, and corrosion factors that should be considered. When picking a material for the insert, remember that steel and stainless steel threads like Acme's are more resistant to corrosion.

Understanding industry-specific requirements

Not only does industrial application play into conditional requirements, but it may also require minimum standards that any parts must meet. Inserts used in medical applications demand precision and continual reliability. The aerospace and defense industries require meeting stringent standards, highlighting the importance of choosing the correct material, load capacity, and thread size for your insert. The automotive industry is another example where manufacturers need reliable insert performance over time despite vibration and wear, or a governing body like the NHTSA may force them to issue a recall.

HTF and Acme Industrial Company

Acme's inserts show high performance across a variety of applications, making them a preferred product that HTF is happy to keep in stock. HTF and Acme Industrial Company are proud of our partnership, which provides customers access to their range of keylocking threaded inserts with quick delivery. Our collaboration reflects HTF's commitment to the best manufacturers of high-quality materials for whatever projects you may have. 

Contacting HTF's tenured sales team is the first step to getting great threads from Acme Industrial Co. and many more of our products. Our knowledgeable and experienced team is available to assist in selecting the best keylocking inserts and other parts to meet your needs. HTF offers great customer service, same-day shipping from a single location, and a 90% or greater fulfillment rate on orders. Reach out and make HTF your first choice! 

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