One of the most common problems with assembled parts is the loosening of fasteners by vibration. This can have a significant impact on product liability and can ultimately harm your bottom line. The consequences of vibration loosening can include injuries to users, a perception of low-quality products, and expensive repairs in the field.

Even the most well-designed assembly is only as strong as its weakest link: the fastener and the method used to secure it. The STANLEY Engineered Fastening team sought to eliminate the many issues that come with loosened fasteners in field applications, leading them to develop the highly effective, vibration-resistant fastening solution known as the Stanley WedgeLock™. This system features an integrated design that securely wedges the fastener to prevent loosening.

Stanley® WedgeLock™ Overview

The Stanley® WedgeLock™ single washer system offers a solution for locking washers that reduces slippage and increases consistency. This results in a reliable locking mechanism. The washer is secured onto the fastener through an SEMS assembly process for proper orientation and to mitigate the risks associated with lost or misaligned washers.

The fastener boasts a range of advantageous features. It ensures a positive and consistent mechanical lock, providing reliable security in various applications. Its SEMS assembly eliminates the risk of lost washers, streamlining the assembly process. Moreover, the design prevents misoriented washers, enhancing efficiency and precision. Notably, the WedgeLock fastener significantly reduces SKUs from two-thirds to just one, simplifying inventory management and procurement. Its single-washer system further contributes to ease of use and reduced complexity. Additionally, this innovative fastener facilitates simplified field service, making maintenance and repairs more straightforward and efficient.

How WedgeLock™ Fasteners Work

WedgeLock™ is a secure fastening solution with an innovative design that prevents loosening. Consisting of four components, this system includes wedge ramps on the fastener-head bearing surface that align with ramps on the WedgeLock™ washer. The bottom of the washer features locking serrations for added security when correctly assembled. Using an SEMS assembly process, the washer is permanently attached to the fastener for a reliable bond.

Applications and Uses

The WedgeLock™ fastening system is designed to simplify field service by reducing the number of parts needed for assembly. With only one single washer system, the SKU reduction is significant, making inventory management more accessible and more efficient. The integrated design of the WedgeLock™ system ensures that the fastener is securely wedged in place to resist loosening, providing a reliable and durable connection.

It’s also versatile and can be used in various applications, from automotive to construction to industrial machinery. Its innovative design allows for easy installation and maintenance, making it a popular choice for field service technicians. By incorporating wedge ramps and locking serrations, the WedgeLock™ system provides a secure locking bond that can withstand heavy loads and vibrations.

HTF & Stanley®

Overall, the Stanley® WedgeLock™ offers a simple yet effective solution for fastening needs in various industries. Its ease of use, durability, and reliability make it a valuable tool for any field service operation.

With offerings including WedgeLock™ and Stanley products, HTF provides a comprehensive range of fastening solutions. Backed by a dependable team of experts, HTF offers personalized assistance in selecting the optimal product for your application. Our customers benefit from expedited same-day shipping services from a centralized location for orders placed by 3 PM EST.
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