One of the premier services offered by HTF is scheduled ordering. With scheduled ordering, HTF can guarantee available stock on a monthly or flexible basis and even offer your business volume discounts. 

Utilizing an ordering schedule means the parts you need are affordable and there when you need them. It makes your business more reliable and makes scheduling projects or maintaining inventory predictable. This is especially important for original equipment manufacturers and contract manufacturers, who must reliably have the components required for their end product. 

Benefits of Scheduled Ordering

Improved Inventory Management

When managing inventory, it is crucial to plan beyond the day-to-day needs. Having scheduled ordering allows for future planning and projections. This will also help with tracking trends in your usage and ensure that there is always sufficient inventory. Your orders will be placed based on real data, streamlining the ordering and delivery process.

Manufacturers with many necessary components will benefit from real data and inventory tracking. The greatest benefit of improved inventory management is always having the parts you need when needed. 

Increased Efficiency

By using flex scheduling, you will see an increase in efficiency. The service provided by HTF will cut back on the amount of administrative work required to keep inventory stocked and accurate. It also reduces over and under ordering which can be inefficient when the components needed aren’t there. The labor saved by automated ordering makes flex scheduling very efficient. 

Cost Savings

Scheduled ordering saves money since it guarantees the parts you need are available when you need them, and no extra labor is involved in making that happen. Also, rescheduling and canceling orders can be done before too many wrong components are shipped. If a customer realizes they ordered too many of a specific fastener because of a design change, the order can be easily canceled or rescheduled for a time that makes more sense. 

Predictability and Consistency

This has been mentioned before, but it’s worth discussing again because of the impact it can have on your business. A delivery timeframe that you can predict based on scheduling with HTF reduces the stress involved with procurement and makes it easier to plan work. Manufacturers can provide accurate estimates for the production of goods because the components they need are delivered reliably and on a schedule that they set. 

Quality Control

When you can reliably receive components based on the best schedule for your product, it makes keeping customers and clients happy a lot easier. Controlling the timelines means you can accurately predict when a product will be ready. It also means that controlling quality is easier because the ordering is accurate and automated, lessening the opportunities for human error.

Customer Satisfaction

The most important benefit of order scheduling is customer satisfaction. When inventory is predictable, labor is reduced, quality control is a priority, operations are running efficiently, and customers are happy. Predictable delivery of components means things are produced as scheduled and on budget, making all parties happy with the product. 

Maximize Efficiency with HTF

It is never ideal to realize the components you need have not yet been ordered because of human error. That’s why flex order scheduling is so beneficial. It allows orders to be scheduled in advance at intervals that make sense for your needs. It also reduces the amount of administrative labor that goes into ordering. 

The customer will have a better experience when predictable and consistent deliveries happen. If something changes or delays arise, simply adjust the scheduling window or cancel the order. Flex scheduling guarantees available stock monthly or flexibly and includes volume discounts.

HTF is here to help you set up a flex order schedule that works for your business. Request a quote today! 

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