From thin metal assemblies to circuit boards, it's hard to find a better right-angle fastener than PEM® R’ANGLE® Fasteners. HTF is proud to offer these fasteners from PEM® to help customers work more effectively on circuit boards and other projects employing thin metal, saving them time and effort.

With robust construction and simple use, these fasteners prove that small components can have a large impact. Learn about PEM's offerings with the R’ANGLE® lineup and how they can make your next precision job go smoothly and efficiently.

Why Choose R’ANGLE® Fasteners?

R’ANGLE® fasteners present a cost-effective alternative to bent edge tabs, bent flanges, and other components. They also offer numerous advantages. These include fewer assembly steps, a reduced need for loose hardware, predictable assembly, tighter design control, unmarred panel surfaces, material savings, and improved shielding.

PEM® R’ANGLE® fasteners present a range of benefits that contribute to reduced production costs and enhanced design flexibility. Assembly is made easy, taking only a few steps. The enhanced design flexibility of R’ANGLE® fasteners is evident in their ability to be used in tight spaces, providing joint strength and security. Moreover, these fasteners offer compatibility with a variety of materials and thicknesses, allowing for versatility in application.

The R’ANGLE® reduces the number of parts needed as well as the steps for installation, making it an efficient solution to traditional fasteners. The fastener is punched into the host material and remains flush with the panel.

Many industries benefit from the use of R’ANGLE® fasteners because they combine function with cost savings. Technological companies like server manufacturers and hardware companies find this fastener to be ideal for their circuit boards. 

Types of R'ANGLE Fasteners

Both automated and manual punches can be used for the installation of a PEM® R’ANGLE® fastener into aluminum or steel sheets as thin as .040”/1mm.

The RAS® Threaded Right Angle Fastener is made of threaded steel clinch fasteners. It is versatile for seamlessly installing with thin sheets or boards, accepting both standard unified and metric screws.

Similarly, the RAA® Right Angle Fastener, constructed with aluminum clinch fasteners, is designed for installation in thin metal assemblies and can accommodate thread-forming or self-tapping screws.

Lastly, the SMTRA® ReelFast® Surface Mount Fastener facilitates the mounting of boards to chassis or components, ensuring their stability. Its installation at the edge or interior of boards allows efficient alignment with other surface mount components.


We're excited to offer the R'ANGLE® and other excellent fasteners from PEM®. Using them on PC boards and other thin metal applications makes it clear just how useful their fasteners can be in making even tough projects a success.

We share that dedication to making our customers' projects possible. Choose HTF to as your supplier for PEM products and more to experience our top-notch customer service with tenured sales staff. HTF, like the R'ANGLE®, is committed to increasing efficiency, which is why we offer same-day shipping for orders placed by 3 PM EST.

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