Southco has been in the business for over 70 years. During this time, they have helped the world’s most recognized brands with the design and manufacturing of access solutions and components, including DZUS® Quarter-Turn Fasteners. Their products are innovative and supported by an experienced team. 

Beginning in 1992, HTF secured an authorized distribution partnership with Southco. Since then, our partnership has grown stronger, and it is with great pleasure that we highlight their line of DZUS® Quarter-Turn Fasteners.

What are Quarter-Turn Fasteners?

A quarter-turn fastener is an insert comprised of a stud, retainer, and receptacle, forming a mechanically locking quick-release fastening mechanism. This is the basic function of DZUS® fasteners, ensuring a secure and vibration-resistant fastening while allowing for quick release that can be effortlessly achieved either manually or with a tool.

These fasteners are most often used in panels, where they prove beneficial when a panel needs to be accessed by opening and closing it on a regular basis. If the fit needs to be tight and secure every time, but access should be quick and reliable, then a quarter-turn fastener is a great component. 

Quarter-turn fasteners like DZUS® are often used in automotive, transportation, mechanical, and other equipment applications. Quarter-turn fasteners help technicians access controls, lighting, or electronic components for regular maintenance. The affordability and time savings provide a cost-effective way to gain access via panel for many applications.

How Quarter-Turn Fasteners Work

DZUS® Quarter-Turn Fasteners work by hand or tool operation. They function by activating a cross pin, which can be easily installed using a screwdriver or a compatible tool. As you rotate the head with the tool, the cross pin ascends along the enclosed cam, initiating a loading action. After completing a full 90-degree turn, the cross pin securely settles into the detent.

These fasteners incorporate a spring that imparts force to the crosspin. Typically, the cross pin remains entirely concealed within the body of the quarter-turn fastener. However, turning the head with a tool engages the spring, pushing the cross pin into the detent. Once the cross pin is nestled in the detent, the quarter-turn fastener effectively becomes locked in position.

Southco DZUS® Quarter-Turn Fasteners

  • Push-to-close, Turn-to-Open - The Pilot/Arrow styles of quick-access fasteners provide convenient installation and operation with grip tolerance and a wide range of tolerance for support panel and mounting panel thicknesses. They are available in metallic and thermoplastic constructions to suit mounting panel load requirements.
  • Turn-to-Close, Turn-to-Open - Precision fit, aesthetics, strength, and numerous stud sizes, styles, and receptacles make this quarter-turn fastener line a leading choice for a wide variety of applications. Precision rolling creates a perfect fit.

Both fastener operation types offer swift accessibility, boasting high strength and cost-effective performance. Each fastener is accompanied by a set of matching receptacles, ensuring precise and secure engagement. This versatility allows for convenient mounting across a diverse range of applications, making quarter-turn fasteners a reliable choice.

Southco DZUS® Quarter-Turn Fasteners offer several advantages that make them a preferred choice. With a simple 90-degree turn, they swiftly secure and release, ensuring efficient operation. These fasteners stay captive to the panel, enhancing user convenience and preventing the loss of hardware. Their design ensures a strong and consistent clamping force, even with repeated use.

Whether operated by hand or tool, Southco DZUS® fasteners are versatile. They remain securely fastened even under conditions of vibration, contributing to their reliability across applications.

HTF and Southco

At HTF, we offer Southco products like the DZUS® Quarter-Turn line for their incredible ease of use, placing them at the confluence of efficiency and quality. We know our manufacturers, and the seasoned sales team at HTF, boasting an average of 15 years experience, stands ready to leverage their knowledge to assist you in selecting the best fasteners for your project needs.

Customer satisfaction is paramount - with same-day shipping from a single location and an impressive fulfillment rate of 90% or greater, we strive to provide a seamless and reliable experience. For your next order, trust HTF to deliver not only quality fasteners, but also exceptional service.

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