For over 30 years, HTF has established itself as a reliable and trusted provider by cultivating a solid reputation in stocking an extensive range of standard and non-standard items. Our customers rely on us as dependable partners, benefiting from our comprehensive knowledge of prototyping, design processes, and first production runs.

As an ISO-certified master-stocking distributor of electronic hardware, fasteners, and components, HTF serves customers worldwide, catering to their diverse needs. Our distribution facilities in the United States and Canada enable us to maintain a diverse inventory sourced from the industry's top brands. 

This ensures our customers can access high-quality products to meet their specific requirements. HTF also offers many premier add-on services to our customers, which we will outline below.

What Are HTF’s 8 Add-on Services?

Bin Stocking Program

Our bin stocking program at HTF is designed to provide our customers with a worry-free inventory management solution. With this program, you can eliminate the concern of running out of essential components or fasteners. We offer a cost-efficient approach and a streamlined procurement process. You have the flexibility to set your minimum and maximum stock quantities, ensuring that you always have the necessary items on hand.

Additionally, we provide customized billing options to suit your specific needs. By entrusting us with the management of your small components, you can give your focus to major materials, saving valuable time and resources. With HTF's bin stocking program, you can experience convenience, cost efficiency, and peace of mind.


HTF offers quality-controlled in-house kitting for lines of any size, from general to specialty hardware. This type of service leads to worry-free inventory management, eliminating concerns about running out of essential components.

With no purchase requisition required and customized billing options, it provides a cost-efficient solution tailored to the customer's needs. By entrusting HTF with small component management, customers can allocate their focus on major materials, saving time and resources.

Custom Labeling

In HTF's bin stocking program, we pay meticulous attention to bin labeling to enhance organization and streamline inventory management. Clear and accurate bin labeling ensures easy identification of components, facilitating efficient restocking and minimizing the risk of errors. 

Just-in-time Delivery

By implementing a just-in-time fulfillment approach, HTF's bin stocking program enables customers to save money on items and warehousing resources, as orders are fulfilled only once finalized with the manufacturer. This results in low inventory levels, freeing up space and reducing the effort required to manage stocks at the manufacturer's facility.

Additionally, the program helps minimize waste by reducing the occurrence of corroding elements or materials becoming unusable over time. With a focus on sourcing parts and materials from trusted suppliers, HTF ensures high-quality production of fasteners, further enhancing customer satisfaction. Moreover, the program reduces the risks of mistakes by receiving materials only when needed and processing them based on the demands of the fastener supply.

Same-Day Shipping

At HTF, we offer same-day shipping for orders placed by 3:00 p.m. Eastern time, ensuring prompt delivery and customer satisfaction. However, please note that not all orders are eligible for this expedited shipping service.

Free Product Samples

Free product samples provide an opportunity to evaluate multiple sizes and parts stocked exclusively by HTF. This ensures you can choose the right components for your specific needs without any upfront cost or commitment.

Premier Scheduled Ordering

HTF offers scheduled ordering as one of its premier services, ensuring guaranteed stock availability monthly or flexibly while offering volume discounts. This service improves inventory management by allowing future planning, usage trend tracking, and streamlining of the ordering and delivery process based on actual data.

Scheduled ordering increases efficiency by reducing administrative work, eliminating over and under-ordering, and saving on labor costs. It provides predictability and consistency, allowing manufacturers to accurately plan and estimate production, maintain quality control, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction by delivering products as scheduled and meeting customer expectations.

Literature Library

There are manufacturer catalogs available on request. See what is available at a glance for quick decisions, or ask our knowledgeable staff for assistance.

Let HTF Meet Your Project's Needs

HTF stands out as a provider that goes the extra mile by offering a wide range of eight special services to meet the unique needs of our customers. We work to improve customer satisfaction, convenience, and cost efficiency, through these select services.

Our commitment to quality control, timely delivery, and reliable inventory management sets us apart as a trusted partner in the industry. With HTF's premier services, customers can expect exceptional support, streamlined processes, and access to high-quality products, ultimately driving their success and fostering long-term relationships. Contact us today for a quote for your next project; we are here to help!

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