HTF partners with more than hundreds of manufacturers worldwide to bring a vast inventory of fasteners shipped to you quickly. With decades of success fostering these partnerships, HTF is an industry leader in efficient distribution with many parts in stock and shipped the same day. HTF remains a go-to for global distribution of electronic hardware, fasteners, and component procurement.

One of HTF’s trusted partnerships is with the team at PennEngineering®. They have been a key player in the success of our distribution to industries like automotive, aerospace, telecom, industrial, and defense sectors. This partnership originated in 1992 and we are proud to say it marked an exciting milestone in our company’s history.

PennEngineering is a global company with manufacturing and technical facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia. These facilities allow them to serve a variety of industries throughout the world. With a staff of 1,000 strong headquartered in Danboro, Pennsylvania, and spread to the China and Canada locations, they have offerings from aerospace to marine parts.

This growth began from roots in 1942 when K.A. Swanstrom invented a self-clinching fastener. This was a new product and revolutionary for its load-carrying threads capable of being used with sheet metal previously thought too thin for tapping. Out of this innovation PennEngineering was born and began bringing self-clinching fasteners with benefits of reducing time, labor, weight, and inventory requirements on many assembly jobs. The innovation went beyond the expected and reached out to engineers and designers who now have a wide assortment of thin-metal designs possible for the very first time.

It is with great excitement that HTF would like to introduce an excellent opportunity for growth provided by PennEngineering. The FastenerClass by PennEngineering courses are available to all and facilitated by experts in the field. This is an opportunity to learn from leading experts in fastening technology. The training sessions are customized and provided at no charge. Each session provides actionable insights which empower you to find effective ways to address application challenges. Think of it as a master class in fastening technology.

Users will learn theory, best practices, and application exploration with the FastenerClass courses. There are options for choosing only the course that most interests you, or all the courses. The instructors are training experts who guide you through best practices for fastener selection and theory. Additionally, the courses provide real-world application examples.

Another exciting feature utilizes PEMedge™ services to help you learn how to test and confirm your fastening designs. This also aids in choosing the best installation and assembly solution for your application. 

Let’s Explore PennEngineering’s FastenerClass Courses

Intro to Self-Clinch Theory: This course teaches about self-clinching fasteners and how they can help improve application performance.

Catalog Training 101: An introduction to the PennEngineering product portfolio and using their catalog bulletins.

Alternative Fastening Solutions for Compact Electronics: Reduce the size, weight, and cost of your designs by replacing traditional hardware with microPEM solutions.

Surface Mount Fastener Technology (SMT) vs. Broach: Learn how SMT can reduce scrap, handling, and total installed cost for your applications.

Proper Fasteners for Stainless Steel Panels: Learn to choose the right fastener for proper assembly and performance with stainless sheet metal.

Choosing Self-Clinching Locknuts: Finding the best locknut variation to prevent mating hardware from loosening while in service

Determining the Right Panel Fastener for Your Design: Learn about captive panel fasteners and how to choose the right type for specific design requirements.

Proper Fasteners for Sheet-to-Sheet Attachment: Learn the advantages of replacing welds and glues with clinching fasteners in face-to-face assembly.

Innovative Fastening Solutions for Improving Performance: A look at new and unique fastener alternatives and how they can improve product design and performance.

Choosing Fasteners for Magnesium and Aluminum Castings: Learn how to choose the appropriate fastening solution when working with Mg and Al castings.

Blind Threaded Rivets for Thin Sheet Materials: Learn how blind threaded rivet nuts and installation tools are the best choice for certain types of product designs.

Using Threaded Inserts When Designing With Plastic Panels: Learn how threaded inserts and compression limiters can help achieve strong and reusable permanent threads in plastics.

The Benefits of Self-Clinching vs. Weld: See why self-clinching fasteners are a smarter way to achieve flexible designs, cleaner installation, stronger threads, and reduced costs.

We are proud to call PennEngineering our trusted manufacturer partner and to highlight their new and exciting courses through the FastenerClass series. Education and innovation with our partners like PennEngineering have helped HTF achieve 30 years of success in the fastener industry. 

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“We at Penn Engineering recognize and appreciate Hi-Tech’s investment in expanding into Canada.”

John O’Brien PEM Director of Sales-Americas

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